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Fencing WireConcertina Coil Manufacturer in India, Concertina Coil Supplier in India, Concertina Coil Distributor in India. Highly recommended in the industry as the most reliable fencing product, this Concertina Coil is specially designed for complete security and protection in highly sensitive areas. The coil is made by using top quality materials and hence, extremely immune to deterioration. Can be used alone or in combination with other fencing products for added security, this is commonly used as a barrier for preventing access of any trespasser. 

• High tensile strength
• Sharp-edged barbs fitted at regular intervals
• Allows easy handling and anchoring of the coil to the ground
• Good obstruction effect
• Suitable for high level of security
• Electro galvanized
• Protection against outdoor exposure
• Two handles and one spike are given on each side of the spirals

• Defence units
• Residential colonies
• Prisons
• Highly hazardous areas
• Industrial manufacturing plants
• Petrochemical refineries
• Power generation stations
• Thermal power plants

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