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Razor Blade Wire Manufacturer, Supplier in Delhi

Razor Blade Wire Supplying in Delhi

Razor Blade Wire Manufacturer, Supplier in Delhi, Razor Blade Wire in Delhi, Razor Blade Wire Distributor in Delhi, Razor Blade Wire at Best Price in Delhi. A perfect barrier for military and other highly secure areas, this Razor Blade Wire is specially made by using a central core of high tensile wire around which at tape of razor sharp barbs is machine crimped. Due to its light weight structure, it can be easily stored in a compact condition. It is an ideal fencing product for high level of security at homes, schools offices and factories. It is also quite commonly used to secure prisons, as it almost impossible to breach or cut it without specialized equipment.

• Materials- hot dipped galvanized steel sheet and wire, stainless steel sheet and wire
• Blade types- BT-10 to BT- 65

• Incomparable safety performance
• Easy installation
• Good corrosion resistance
• Very sharp edges
• Cannot be cut
• Spring steel also ensures that the coil holds its space
• Long service life
• Impossible to breach without special equipment
• Easy to ship and transport

• Gardens
• Residences
• Prisons
• Government agencies
• Military sites
• Nuclear installations
• Banks

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